iPhone Repair SF

Terms of Repair

iPhone Repair SF Terms of Repair

By agreeing to this repair you are agreeing to these terms of repair:

LCD (display) Color

You will be getting a new LCD with your screen repair. LCDs can vary in color and brightness from LCD to LCD. We perform quality checks to make sure your new screen is bright and that the color is as close to neutral as possible.  Please keep in mind that it may not look EXACTLY like your original screen. If you have concerns about how the new LCD looks, please ask us to show you the screen before we install it on your phone. Most of our customers are happy with the new LCD and have no concerns.

Touch Screen:

Although the new LCD will look slightly different, the touch screen will function the same as your original screen.  We test each screen before we install it to make sure it is not defective.  Unfortunately, about 2% of screens have a defective touch screen that becomes noticeable within a day or two after the repair.  If your new touch screen is not operating as it should please contact us immediately.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners

Due to the common problem of “Touch Disease” there is a possibility that touch sensitivity issues are not related to the screen but to the touch screen chip on your phone’s circuit board for which there is no repair. During the short 30 minutes we have your phone this problem may not show itself.

There is no refund on screen repairs if your phone turns out to have “Touch Disease.”  If you prefer to have us do diagnostics on your phone before the repair to rule out touch disease we can do a pre-repair diagnosis for $30 and we would need the phone for 4-8 hours for testing.

Diagnostics and warranty checks

All Diagnostics and warranty checks are only done Monday through Friday with a drop off time between 9AM-11AM.  Diagnostics and warranty checks may take 2-6+ hours to depending on the issue.

Polarized Sunglasses:  Please inform us if you use polarized sunglasses in advance of your screen repair.  Use of polarized sunglasses may require the installation of an OEM screen.

iPhone 7/Plus Aftermarket screens have a known issue that can cause your phone to crash or freeze and require you to reboot your phone.  Because of this we recommend upgrading to the OEM grade screen.  If you choose to have the aftermarket screen installed and have issues with your phone crashing or freezing, this is not covered by the warranty. 

If you are visiting from out of town we highly recommend you get your phone repaired in your hometown.  We thoroughly test each replacement part before we install it in your phone during a repair.  Unfortunately,  some manufacturer defects are not immediately apparent until a day or two after a repair is completed.  No refunds will be issued if you are unable to return to our shop so we can test and address a manufacturer defect.  If you have questions about this please ask prior to the repair.

No repairs will be refunded or exchanged after the repair is completed.

If you have any questions about Apple vs. OEM vs. aftermarket screens please let us know before your repair.  We have OEM grade screens available for most models.

iPhone Repair SF Repair Warranty

*****If you any issues after a repair please contact us immediately so we can address it directly.*****